The funny thing is, she is still wearing this bow... almost a week later.

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Yes, it is true... my girls have no idea what punch is. That is why they were so fascinated to watch it being made for little Anna's baby shower.

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Bad Little Kitten

you've soiled your mittens, now you shall have no pie!

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Just What I Wanted!

Tip: If you want to actually get what you want for Valentine's day, ask for it! What says "I love you." more than a man who will get you exactly what you ask for?

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The Monkey Necklace

Yes, I agree, it looks more like a shackle than a necklace but after all, who am I to judge?

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That First Smile!

Ok, so it wasn't the first. Who actually gets the first one on camera? It was like her second or third or maybe the forth...

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The Bat

Daddy told Ruth all about bats - they sleep upside down... "Look Daddy! I'm a bat!"

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What’s in the Bag Mom?

I have gone green and well, cheap and decided that at least some of our presents will be "wrapped" in cloth bags I made.

B-Bear had a little trouble this year finding his present in the bag…
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Let’s Nap!

Why is it that yawns, even newborn ones are so contagious?

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The New Addition!


They just LOVE our Snoodle Doodle!

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